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Parking Cars

A no-nonsense guide to life and business. Having grown up in the rough-and-tumble parking business in Washington, DC, author Marc Slavin speaks bluntly and honestly about what he's learned in over 40 years of experience. Chapters cover such subjects as: *The importance of a simple handshake *Life can change in a second - and what you can do about it *Selecting good people and business opportunities and handling the inevitable mistakes *Taking chances and listening to your gut but also listening closely to others *And much more In the pages of this inspiring yet practical book, you will learn what it takes to work hard, keep your word and achieve and live the American dream, both personal and professional.

Release Date 2-10-14

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Run From the Herd

Will you outlive your money? Running with the herd and following the crowds will get you to where everyone else is, but NOT financially independent. Running with the herd may take you over the cliff when the safe path is just to the right. Studies suggest that up to 95 percent of the world's population CANNOT entirely support themselves and their families with the financial resources at hand. Run from the Herd - A Contrarian Path to Wealth Creation is written in simple English, using simple terms with simple stories that anyone can relate to ensuring that you have enough money to live a secure and rewarding life. It's time to get on the right path - it's time for you to implement the strategies in this book to secure your future. Take a stand and don't follow the masses. Blaze a new trail to wealth and prosperity.

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Instant Retirement

While chances for sudden “out of the blue” wealth are slim, you are far more likely to get an inheritance or other financial windfall than you may initially think. Not only are baby boomers retiring at record rates, but almost $4 trillion of wealth is currently held by families with life expectancies of less than 10 years. In many cases, a windfall may be your last shot at financial security, and we don’t want you to blow it! While many consider it a blessing, a major windfall can result in an equally devastating financial disaster. This clear, unbiased, step-by-step guide will help you manage your windfall and create a secure financial future.

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Dollars and Sense
Dollars and Sense presents ten fundamental principles to help investors build financial success and peace of mind. Filled with personal stories from the life and career experiences of a professional financial advisor, Dollars and Sense helps investors build and preserve their wealth. It offers a timeless approach to investment planning and financial management that is deeply rooted in the emotional and financial realities of today.

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Inside the Sell
When it comes to selling or buying a home, what you don't know can hurt you. With Ivy League educations, business and legal backgrounds, and over 20 combined years' experience as REALTORS®, authors Hans Wydler and Steve Wydler share their in-depth knowledge of what can go right - and wrong - in your real estate transaction. By exposing the unspoken secrets of buying and selling a home, Inside the Sell levels the playing field between consumers and real estate professionals. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, so prepare to arm yourself as Hans and Steve take you "inside the sell"!

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Principle Matters
Principle Matters: 11 Strategies for Harnessing your Passion and Becoming an Authentic Financial Advisor delivers true stories of Robert Collins' inspirational 30-year career as a successful stockbroker, financial advisor, and wealth manager. Newer or younger advisors-as well as veterans- will realize they are not alone as they immerse themselves in the book. Through the pages, Bob emphasizes the principles that will help them harness their passions and become elite financial advisors.

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Retirement Money Wave

The U.S. has trillions of dollars of debt and tax rates are set to rise dramatically on January 1, 2013. If you have a 401(k), IRA or any tax-deferred account, The Retirement Money Wave can help you protect your money from this tax increase, market volatility and inflation. Retirement Money Wave will help boost your retirement wealth without risk or taxes and grow your nest egg by addressing three key areas: 1. Are you putting away enough money? 2. Do you have your money in the right accounts? 3. Have you considered the impact of taxes on your retirement wealth? This book will also show you how to maximize your retirement wealth by following a simple, virtually risk-free strategy.

Value Returns

Randy Beeman of The Wise Investor Show (heard on WMAL AM-63) and James Schneider explain the benefits of following a value investing strategy in this up and down secular bear market that is expected to last through 2017. Why settle for flat returns when you can become a wise (and profitable) investor? Value Returns is delivers both.

The Optimal Salesperson

Dan Caramanico and Marie Maguire's new sales title offers sage advice for both salesperson and sales management. This book is getting great reviews from people in the know including Gerhard Gschwandtner of Selling Power Magazine and is featured as their 10 Best Books to Read in 2010


Lessons to My Children
Would you turn over the keys to your financial life To your children? Lessons to My Children can help you pass on the knowledge they need to know to make right and wise decisions that can lead to wealth and abundance.


The Boomer Consumer
LINX developed and published Matt Thornhill and John Martin's book that helps marketer's gain valuable insights into the hearts minds and wallets of baby boomers with this great business title.

The Stress Eater Diet
This book is on the fast track to be big hit with a featured cover article in Woman's World on January 12, 2009. We are moving quickly to get the book completed and in stores in time for the rush. The marketing program for this title is deep with online quiz, blog and future social media hub

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The Baby Fat Diet
On December 2, 2008. Penguin released The Baby Fat Diet by Monica Bearden and Shara Aaron. This book offers simple and smart advice for moms (young and old) who want to lose their baby fat.

This title is supported by a great blog that was developed by LINX as part of an online viral marketing program.


Pocket Diet & Recipe Book
The follow-up book for the Pocket Diet was released in September. The book that teaches portion control with a pita now includes 200 tasty recipes.



















The Healthy Heart Miracle
by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and published by HarperCollins addresses the #1 killer in America today... heart disease. Bringing in marketing partners including The Heart Truth Pledge, RadioShack, Cholestech, and Health Check spread the word and helped expand the market of this title. Check out the website

Woman's World, featured , Pocket Diet success stories of Marie (her picture is on the cover!), Kathy and Nellie. To read this terrific and inspiring article, download PDF of the article, click here. This is the kind of PR a book can generate.

eDiets PocketPlan
This innovative book provides comprehensive nutrition, fitness and motivational programs and includes nutritional values on over 2,500 popular, everyday foods.

This book is packaged in a Velcro-sealed pouch that is also designed to hold personal ePlans, which may be downloaded or received via e-mail.

Simply fold the ePlan twice and insert into the vinyl pouch. Take it with you everywhere!

The 20 Gram Diet
continues to sell and sell even after 10 years! The key to this innovative product was creating a simple solution that delivered impulse purchases with that "little yellow" Gram Counter" Want to check it out? Click Here

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