Idea Storming

What makes a great idea? It’s something that doesn’t really need to be explained. It’s just obvious when you see it. The best ideas are those that solve problems simply.

There are countless everyday examples that make you think… I could have thought of that! The American Cancer Society wanted to come up with a fund raising idea that could generate millions of dollars. They discovered the solution (one dollar at a time) when they created the Lance Armstrong Live Strong yellow bracelet. They’ve turned a cause into a fashion necessity. Now that’s an idea!

LINX can help you come up with simple solutions to problems. We turn things upside down and inside out. We twist them, pound them and re-arrange them until the magic solution appears.

Most consumers only need one reason to buy your book, your product or to take action. We’ll help you identify and communicate that reason to your buyer so that you can achieve the goal your are

What do you want to achieve? Call us. We can help!